About Us

Mainline Waterproofing Contractors offer professional waterproofers in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast and we work regularly with a wide network of clients in a variety of industries. Our highest priority is to provide and deliver the best structural repair and waterproofing solutions for our clients.


Over 20 Years Experience


Mainline Waterproofing was first established in Queensland in 1993, with sub-branches in New South Wales, Victoria and the Northern Territory of Australia.


We were the first waterproofing contractor to introduce the polyurethane injection methodology to structural repairs. Our knowledge and expertise have grown further in the implementation since that time. Mainline Waterproofing specialises in:



Using only the highest quality products and through ground-breaking innovations and technical expertise, we consistently lead the industry in domestic, commercial and industrial repairs and maintenance contracting.


Our professional ethos of hard work, commitment and excellence are not only cultivated within our business and industry, but also extends into the community through our management and sponsorship of an elite level cycling team.


It is through these principles that Mainline Waterproofing has been able to remain the number one waterproofing contractor in Brisbane for the last 25 years and will continue to be so into the future.


Contact us for any structural or waterproofing problems your project may be experiencing – we deliver a fast, comprehensive, productive and viable working solution.


Mainline Waterproofing’s expertise is specialised and with our long-term industry experience, we can assist you with any of your concrete slab repairs, waterproofing, water leak repairs, slab jacking, concrete crack injection and more.