Concrete Remedial Repairs

Concrete Remedial Repairs to Improve Concrete Look and Strength

Being experts in concrete remedial repairs, Concrete Crack Injection and Concrete crack repairs, Mainline Waterproofing are able to carry out these services to the highest standards.

Concrete Remedial Repairs and Concrete Waterproofing includes the rebuilding and repairing of concrete structures which requires experienced and knowledgeable staff in relation to materials and product application. Mainline Waterproofing Brisbane specialise in concrete repairs and crack injection. We believe that if something is being repaired, it needs to be an aesthetically pleasing repair. If the concrete repair is part of a structure that is to be reinstated, it is important to make it stronger than the original concrete structure. Faults in the original concrete structure can be dangerous without proper restoration, we make sure that designs are altered to avoid reoccurrence of damage in the future.

Concrete Remedial Repairs and Concrete Crack Repairs include:

  • Spalled concrete removal (saw-cut)
  • Reinstate concrete using high grade structural mortars
  • Consolidation under slab grout replacement
  • Bonding multiple cracks in concrete slabs
  • Hardened surface application
  • Epoxy concrete crack injection
  • Pressure-grouting