Water Leak Repairs

Water Leak Repairs Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine coast

Water Leaks can be very wasteful in more ways than one – you not only waste water, but water costs are expensive so leaks can be very costly to your pocket as well. By regularly checking your premises, its roof, basementswimming pool and fittings you can save Brisbane’s precious water as well as your hard earned dollars.


Some leaks, however, are difficult to detect so if you notice your water bill increasing significantly we suggest that you contact us to a check of your water usage and organise for repairs or new waterproofing to be undertaken as soon as possible.


If you think you have water leak issues, it is advisable to contact a professional immediately to address the situation so that the water leak can be fixed or new waterproofing undertaken. Mainline Waterproofing is more than happy to assist you with repairing water leaks in the Brisbane area.