Concrete Crack Injection Brisbane and Concrete Repair

Concrete Crack Injections can be used to repair all Concrete issues

Mainline Waterproofing are able to use Concrete Crack Injection techniques to repair a number of different issues, including concrete spalling or concrete cancer as it is more commonly known as.


A quick fix by patching or rendering over the affected area will only delay the inevitable and potentially increase the risk of the situation and the cost of the repair in the longer term. Immediate treatment and repair of the concrete is the best solution.


Concrete Repair Treatments

There are a number of typical concrete repair treatments that are used depending on the circumstances and the situation and Mainline Waterproofing would be happy to provide advice on the best approach for your specific circumstances. Some of these potential treatment include:


  • Repair of concrete spalling (often referred to as ‘concrete cancer’)
  • Render repair
  • Crack repair by full depth epoxy injection
  • Treatment and/or replacement of corroded reinforcement
  • Application of protective coatings
  • Concrete strengthening