Waterproofing your Property is Important – Here’s Why

Waterproofing your Property is Important – Here’s Why

Initial water damage to a property can seem harmless, but over time it can cause serious havoc to a building’s structure. Waterproofing helps to preserve structural integrity long term and is essential for water damage prevention. Interior and exterior walls, basements, pipes and joints, roofs and foundations are all likely to need waterproofing in both residential and commercial properties.

There are a number of different types of waterproof coatings that can be applied to a surface depending on what water the structure is exposed too. It is recommended to get a professional to properly assess the situation, find what the cause is, and define the severity of the damage before any waterproofing can be done.

Here are some reasons as to why you need to ensure your property is waterproofed.

1. Prevention Saves Money Long term
Waterproofing your property before damage occurs is much more cost effective. With Queensland’s regular severe storms during the summer season, you can never know if flooding will occur in your area. Waterproofing your home or commercial property, especially basement waterproofing, will ensure protection against structural damage caused by leaks or pooling water.

2. Increases a Buildings Integrity
Concrete waterproofing, especially in high-rise or commercial properties is essential to the structural integrity of the building. When exposed to water, foundation cracks may lead to bigger structural issues which can affect the health and safety of those around the building. However, there are a number of remedial procedures that can be done after the damage has occurred to a property that isn’t waterproofed including, concrete crack injections, water leak repairs and sealant repairs.

3. Eliminates Moisture
Moisture in your basement can cause a build up of mold and mildew. In extreme cases, mold and mildew can cause a number of health problems including eyes and throat irritation, coughing and wheezing in asthmatics and even skin irritations.

Mainline Waterproofing strives on delivering excellent customer service. Each job is given specialised attention, commencing with a free onsite consultation and investigation with one of our experts – who will provide a detailed quotation identifying the issues and specific solutions to your waterproofing issues.

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